Newsletter for the Greater Bobs and Crow Lakes Association 2016 Fall Winter

Download the Greater Bobs & Crow Lakes Association Magazine Fall/Winter 2016

Download the 2016 Fall/Winter Magazine for the Greater Bobs and Crow Lakes Association here. Articles include the President’s Message, Update on the Algonquin Land Claim, Climate Change and Bobs & Crow Lakes, Boathouses on Bobs and Crow Lakes, Marine Safety plus many good tidbits of information.


The Frontenac K&P Trail was originally a railway line that operated in eastern Ontario but was abandoned by its owner, Canadian Pacific Railway, between 1962 and 1986 and ran from Kingston to Renfrew, Ontario. The trail follows, as much as possible, the former K&P Railway Company line and creating loops, linking to regional trail systems.
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Crappie Fishing Between Toronto and Montreal, Near Ottawa

Once again, The Oaks Cottages on Crow Lake were pleased to host Karl Kalonka from Extreme Angler and Sebastian Kowalczuk from Cottage Fishing Adventures on another fishing adventure, this time for Crappie. Watch this digital clip to see their strategies for hooking Crappie in Crow Lake. The anglers were using Strike King Mr Crappie Slab Slangers
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Sharbot Lake, The Oaks Cottages on Crow Lake

The Oaks Cottages on Crow Lake and Big City Taste in Nearby Sharbot Lake

The Oaks Cottages is pleased to announce the newly opened Cardinal Cafe and Shop, a beautifully transformed, century-old former Catholic church in Sharbot Lake, just a 10-minute drive away. Still in their first year of business, co-owners Nicole Tarasick and Sylvie Smith invite you to drop in, relax, visit with friends and enjoy a drink
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Fishing for Bass - Big Largemouth on Crow Lake Ontario

Fishing for Largemouth Bass on Crow Lake | The Oaks Cottages

We are pleased to post this fishing teaser video from Extreme Angler TV.  The show was shot in the summer and will televise as show is # 6 in the schedule on both the Sportsman Channel in the U.S. and on Wild TV across Canada. Being show #6 we expect to see it in about 4
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Crow Lake and Bobs Lake Physical Characteristics

How big is Crow Lake?  How deep is the Lake?  These are questions we are often asked, particularly from fishermen staying at The Oaks Resort, wishing to try their skills on Bobs and Crow Lakes.  Luckily we can supply this chart thanks to the RCVA (Rideau Valley Conservation Authority) and the Greater Bobs & Crow
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