Important Cottage Rental Accommodation Information You Need to Know!


Deposits: $250 per week rented along with a $50 refundable cleaning deposit (as per guidelines below).

Payment Methods: Cash, Personal Cheque (4 weeks in advance) , E-mail money transfer through CDN Banking Institution (Canada only)
(use for on-line bank transfers)

SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE CABINS. Please dispose of cigarette butts in the containers provide and not on the grounds.
• Sorry, we cannot accommodate pets.
• No jet skis are allowed.
• Watch out for poison ivy and poison oak along the roadsides. There is no poison ivy on the grounds of The Oaks.

Check In/Out Times:
Upon arrival, all guests are required to first check in at the main office to settle the bill.
Check-In after 3 pm /Check-Out before 10 am.
A review of the guidelines and amenities will be provided and details of the requirement for the return of the $50 cleaning/on-time/damage deposit.                                                                                                            
In order to be reimbursed the $50 fee, the following must be completed:


  • All dishes cleaned, dried and put away                                                                                                                    
  • Refrigerator, stove and oven are cleaned                                    
  • All recycling taken to the Recycling Area and sorted in appropriate bins
  • Garbage can be taken to the house
  • Bathroom cleaned                                                                                                          
  • Mats removed and floors swept and washed                                                                                    
  • (All cleaning materials are supplied, including oven cleaner. Replacement for anything damaged will be taken off of the $50 deposit.)

We ask that you please respect all check in/out times, as we have a limited time to clean all cabins and prepare them for the next group of cottagers.

Your Rental Unit:
• Smoking is NOT ALLOWED inside the cottages.

Gas/Flammable Items:
All cottages with propane stoves are equipped with carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms.
Insurance regulations and your safety require that we review usage of the propane stove with
all cottagers prior to rental.

Visitors to Your Cottage:
• Please ensure that all guests are aware of the policies at The Oaks.
• Please inform us if any extra guests will be arriving.
(Each cottage is designed to accommodate a certain number of people only.)

• VISITOR PRICING : Day Pass: $10 per guest. Day/Overnight Pass: $25. per guest

Septic systems are fragile therefore we encourage disposal of tissue in the bags provided to prevent the costly consequences of any potential septic problems. These bags can be disposed of in the garbage. Paper towels,
dental floss, feminine products and sanitary napkins go in the garbage bags provided. If toilet paper is flushed,
please do not flush large amounts.

Strict recycling and composting is mandatory in this municipality.

Please avoid bringing styrofoam plates, cups, etc. as our recycling facility no longer accepts those materials.                                   Please bring only clear kitchen-sized trash bags (no green garbage bags are allowed at the municipal dump)
for trash; any items that are recyclable will have to be removed from the bag.
Please help us to keep our costs down in this regard and avoid having to rummage through the trash to
remove those items.
Composting containers (for vegetable peelings, etc) are in each cabin.
Unlike the “Green Bins”, food scraps will go in the regular garbage to avoid attracting animals.

We are family-friendly cottages; please respect your neighbors and our environment.

We ask that all our guests please be considerate of each other during your stay with us, keeping in mind
things such as the volume of the radio, television or stereo. We also ask that all our guests try to be sensible
with their choice of words and use of offensive language.
• Please respect the 11 pm noise curfew.
• Please do not litter (cigarette butts, paper, pop cans, pull-tabs, etc.)
• Please do not deface the property in any way (writing on the walls, floors, ceilings, etc.)
• Please avoid the use of candles except in the case of a power outage-we will provide them along with a flashlight
• Please do not destroy the natural environment surrounding us
(no peeling of bark off of trees, no cutting of any trees, etc.)
• Please do not use shampoo or soap in our lake
• Please leave your cottage clean both inside and outside at the end of your stay with us.

Beach Rules:
Our beach is not supervised; an adult must be present at all times.

Canoe/Kayak/Paddleboat Rentals:
Rentals can be made with our staff in either 4 or 8 hour increments the day prior to use:
• RENTAL COST: $5.00   per hour
• RENTAL COST: $25.00 full day

• All persons in a boat are required BY LAW to wear a life preserver. (Available upon request.)
• When operating a boat, it is mandatory to stay at least 100 feet away from all shorelines
or 150 feet if the water level is low.
• All fishermen are required to carry their fishing licenses with them at all times when boating and fishing.
• An adult must accompany children when on the docks and when riding in any type of watercraft.
These rules are mandatory by law and failure to follow these rules may result in a ticket or fine by
the provincial authorities.

Fish Cleaning:
• Please use the new fish cleaning area and not the cottages.
• Please do not put any garbage or fish scales outside to avoid attracting raccoons, bears or other unwanted animals. All scraps, scales, etc., must be put in newspaper provided and stored in the freezer unless other arrangements have been made with the owners. Newspaper is available at the new fish cleaning station.
• When cleaning fish for freezing and transporting, please remember to leave enough skin or scales on the fish to be able to recognize its species. This will avoid any problems arising with the Ministry of Natural Resources.
• Freezer or fridge is only for well packed fillets; please do not store fresh fish in it.
• Please clean up after yourself once you have finished.

Fishing Rules:
Please be respectful of our lakes. The Ministry of Natural Resources put limits on fish to ensure
certain species continue to thrive; be well acquainted with the limits before your fishing trip.
To avoid personal injuries, shore fishing is permitted off the boat docks only.

Open Fires Rules: (unless fire ban is on in the municipality)
A lakefront fire pit and portable firebowls are provided for open fires. We have campfire wood available.
• Never leave fire and children unattended.
• Please put fire out before you leave.

Sharbot Lake is only 10 minutes away and will have most of the essential things you might need.
If you need something in particular, we can likely help you find it, so please do not hesitate to ask.

We hope that your vacation with us is an enjoyable and memorable time for you and we would greatly
appreciate your completion of the “How are we doing?” comment card before leaving.
If there is anything that will make your stay more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to let us know.
If we do not have it, we will try to get it for you.

Dan and Karen Lahey